Meet Our Hosts

Photo of Colin Bischof


General Manager, H&L Victoria

Colin Bischof is a seasoned professional in the new home construction industry, with a career that began in 2012 as a New Home Sales Consultant in the West of Melbourne. His experience and expertise quickly saw him rise through the ranks, becoming a Regional Sales Manager in the Southeast of Melbourne in 2013, then a State Sales Manager in Queensland, and finally the National Sales Manager for one of Australia's largest new home builders by mid-2015.

Throughout his career, Colin has distinguished himself through his focus on client satisfaction and his commitment to transparency and communication. He has applied this approach to different builders over the years, helping them with marketing, sales, product development, operations, business strategy, and much more.

Today, Colin is the general manager of H&L Victoria, a company that provides premium full turnkey solutions for new home buyers in Victoria. His vast experience and knowledge of the industry have given him a deep understanding of the home building industry, and he is passionate about educating new home buyers and guiding them through the process.

This passion led Colin to create the Home Building Hub podcast with Darren, where they share great insights and expertise with listeners who are looking to build their own homes. Colin's dedication to his clients and his commitment to transparency have made him a respected leader in the industry, and he continues to innovate and push boundaries in his role as a general manager today.

Photo of Darren Brennan


Regional West Sales Manager, Metricon

Darren Brennan is a well-known sales and sales management professional with over 15 years of experience in the new home construction industry. He has worked with and recruited some of the best new homes consultants in the industry across four of the largest builders, earning a reputation as a top performer.

Throughout his career, Darren has held a range of sales management roles, culminating in his current position as Regional Sales Manager at Metricon. In this role, he oversees the sales operations of multiple regions, working closely with his team to achieve business objectives and drive growth.

With his extensive experience in the industry, Darren has gained a deep understanding of the entire building journey and is passionate about knowledge of all aspects of building. He is known for his exceptional leadership skills, business acumen, and ability to build and maintain strong relationships with industry partners and stakeholders.

Darren's amazing network of industry connections from land, finance, building, and beyond has allowed him to stay on the cutting edge of industry trends and best practices. He is committed to continuous learning and development, and is always seeking new ways to enhance his skills and knowledge to deliver even greater results for his team and his clients.

Overall, Darren Brennan is a highly respected leader in the new home construction industry, with a track record of success and a commitment to excellence that sets him apart.