Episode 30: Examples of how technology is helping homebuyers

6th November 2023 | 33m 06s

In this episode we discuss the impact of pre-site technology in the new home building industry. We discuss some examples of the technologies you can use or see today, and also share our views on display homes… and whether we think they are still vital to home buyers or are they going to be phased out?

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Topic timestamps

2:18 - Where is technology taking us in the new home building industry?

6:10 - Matterport 360 degree interactive tours

10:25 - Virtual Reality: Situ Systems

16:14 - Big Plans - lifesize projection of your floorplan

19:26 - GeoSite - showing you how your home will look on your block

21:27 - Video walkthroughs

23:21 - iVisualise - Visualise your bricks, change the types, styles, etc

24:50 - Where do we see display homes in the future? …are they dead?