Episode 32: Top 10 things people don't consider when building

20th November 2023 | 30m 09s

Listen in as we outline 10 essential items that we have seen other buyers either miss or not understand when buying their house and/or land. This is a pivotal checklist that will save you time and money, so be sure to tune in.

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2:23 - What deposits are required when purchasing a house and land package (or house only)?

5:08 - Don’t forget to factor in stamp duty, conveyancer costs, land transfer fees, mortgage insurance (if applicable).

5:53 - Understand the impact of progress payments on your cashflow… because you need to pay for each stage during your build, not all at the end.

9:25 - Get a conveyancer upfront and be sure to check your survey pegs on site

12:23 - Be aware… you are responsible for clearing your site, not your builder.

17:26 - Know your exclusions, not just your inclusions. Ask the question - what am I NOT getting?

18:49 - Plan for and check your refrigerator space dimensions on the detailed drawings

20:45 - Expect to pay for rates and services (electricity and gas) from the day you settle your land, during your construction and connections after construction too.

20:50 - If you hire a building inspector, remember to factor in the additional construction days that will be applied.

23:22 - Understand the impact that neighbouring dwellings can have on your build.

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