Episode 34: The best (and worst) approach to use when enquiring with a builder

4th December 2023 | 35m 10s

We get it, no one wants to be sold to… but the reality is that there are a lot of variables when it comes to buying a house and/or land package, so it’s important for every buyer to give themselves the best chance to learn, understand and obtain the best solution for their needs. In this episode, we explain the ‘to dos’ and ‘not to dos’ when enquiring with a builder to give you the best opportunity to find the right solution for your needs.

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3:52 - We get it, people don’t want to be sold to

5:55 - What does a sales consultant actually do? …and why a call is better.

13:35 - Start with a discussion. Email only communication is just not practical

16:08 - Don’t leave a fake number, it’s pointless

17:43 - Don’t ignore the calls from sales consultants, just be open with them

20:05 - Don’t be a “hero” client. Focus on learning instead.

23:00 - Speak to your broker before contacting a builder

25:00 - Be open with your minimum and maximum budget range

26:10 - Provide your needs and wants to the consultant

27:24 - Provide land information such as size and location

27:53 - If comparing quotes, just let the consultant/s compare them for you