Episode 36: BREAKING: Australia bans engineered stone benchtops

18th December 2023 | 35m 00s

The decision has just been made to ban engineered stone benchtops in Australia. In this episode, we do our best to share what we know so far, outlining the who, what, where, when, why and how… using the information available to date. This is a MUST watch/listen for anyone looking to build or already in the process of building a new home.

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1:42 - Why are stone benchtops being banned?

2:50 - What is silicosis?

5:35 - Who has made this decision?

8:05 - When will the ban come into place?

10:23 - How will the ban be rolled out across the country?

15:55 - What are the alternatives to replace stone benchtops?

20:30 - Let’s be realistic and put this in perspective.

23:55 - What are your chances of getting stone installed?

25:26 - Producing more stone now will be pointless, so supply will dry up.

29:20 - Some builders may choose to stop stone on all jobs immediately - here’s why.