Episode 45: Amazing insights and tips from 2 leading Conveyancers

1st April 2024 | 50m 26s | Guest(s): Justine Kitchen, Cally Gooch

You MUST engage a reliable conveyancer BEFORE signing a land contract. In this episode we are joined by 2 leading conveyancers from Fastrack Conveyancing who provide a wealth of information, tips and insights to you - which will save you time and money, but also give you more peace of mind when purchasing land. This is a must watch/listen episode for all prospective land buyers.

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1:10 - Introduction to Fastrack Conveyancing

3:40 - What is a conveyancer? …and what do they do?

6:10 - What are some of the more common benefits that a conveyancing service offers (or should offer)?

8:30 - How much does a conveyancer cost?

10:35 - How does a buyer determine the right conveyancer for them?

15:40 - When is the right time to engage a conveyancer?

17:52 - Can a conveyancer review a building contract?

20:30 - What is the difference between an ‘Off the Plan’ Contract vs a Titled block of land?

22:55 - What does Title Release mean and what are some of the risks of signing a land contract on non-titled land (off the plan)?

27:28 - What does signing an Unconditional Contract mean and what are the risks associated?

30:35 - Do you have to add ‘and or nominee’ to your contract?

31:50 - What is a nomination block, how does it work and what are the pros and cons?

37:05 - Can you take us through what settlement means and how it works?

38:23 - New land tax change from 1st January 2024

40:10 - What does ‘shortfall’ mean when it comes to settling?

43:55 - Common items to know and top tips for prospective land purchasers?