Episode 48: How does shared fencing work with your neighbours?

22nd April 2024 | 20m 55s

We all need fencing, but how does it actually work? In this episode we explain what half-share fencing means, what the fencing process is, how to work out what type of fencing is required, and we finish with a couple of tips to help you better prepare for your own block when that time comes around.

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2:44 - Most display builders don’t offer fencing, but there are some companies that do.

4:15 - Half-share fencing… what does that actually mean?

6:41 - How does the fencing process work?

9:30 - Neighbours can build their garage on your boundary. We recommend being understanding, not difficult.

14:05 - How to work out what type of fence to install?

16:00 - TIP: Don’t forget to get a wing fence and gate quoted separately

16:50 - Corner lots usually have more requirements. Here’s why.

18:10 - Rough price for fencing