Episode 50: Market update with openlot.com.au

6th May 2024 | 43m 32s | Guest(s): Ryan Smits

Get some valuable insights into what buyers have been doing so far in 2024 from our special guest Ryan Smits from openlot.com.au. Learn about timeframe to purchase, great offers out there right now, factors influencing buyer decisions and even a snapshot into the top areas to buy as well. To finish off, Ryan introduces a new initiative called OpenDisplay which allows you to walk through display villages digitally from the comfort of your couch, helping you narrow down your favourites to visit from there.

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00:38 - Welcome to Ryan Smits from openlot.com.au

2:22 - What is openlot.com.au ?

3:09 - Jan-April 2024: What have buyers been doing so far?

4:13 - Investors are backā€¦are First Home Buyers back as well?

6:55 - What is the current timeframe to purchase?

10:18 - What offers are out there right now to incentivise a buyer to purchase?

11:24 - Side note: Hey salespeople, people who enquire want a call back after hours.

15:40 - Enquiries have increased, so what are the key factors influencing people's decision?

25:00 - What are the most popular areas out there right now?

29:18 - Get your free area trends and data by using Buyer Demand Index from openlot.com.au

34:22 - Introducing OpenDisplays - save time by walking through display villages from your couch

40:18 - Final round-up and summary of the market ahead from Ryan