Episode 11: Facades explained

12th June 2023 | 27m 17s

Join us as we explain all-things facades, helping you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the perfect facade for your home. We discuss whether investing in an upgraded facade is truly worth it and we shed light on any potential restrictions and considerations to keep in mind when choosing your facade. We outline a key material to avoid, plus we cover the impact of block widths on facade outcomes, and finally we share two essential tips to help you better visualise / choose the right facade for your home.

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2:38 - What is a facade?

4:22 - How many facade options are available to choose from?

7:42 - Is it worth spending the money on an upgraded facade?

14:00 - Colin’s key tip on what to avoid when choosing a facade

15:44 - Are there any restrictions around what you can do to your facade?

20:00 - How does the width of my block impact the facade outcome?

22:20 - Two tips to help understand how a facade will look on your block

24:40 - Got a corner block? Here’s a few extra requirements for corner lots.