Episode 12: Dean is building his 3rd home. He shares his advice and tips for home buyers.

19th June 2023 | 45m 50s

In this episode we sit down with Dean who is about to build his 3rd home. Join us as Dean shares his key learnings and lessons throughout the whole process, including common mistakes, unexpected surprises and also managing a budget against your wishlist. And to finish it off, Dean provides his top 5 tips for building a new home… so don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from a seasoned home building customer.

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2:10 - Welcome to Dean

3:35 - Key lessons from Dean over 3 homes

8:52 - What are some of the common mistakes Dean has made or seen?

17:46 - Were there some items that Dean didn’t plan for or that took him by surprise?

25:35 - How did Dean manage his needs and wants to keep within budget?

40:12 - Dean’s top 5 tips to building a new home