Episode 2: Essential insights from one of Australia’s leading finance brokers

12th April 2023 | 43m 14s | Guest(s): Mark Polatkesen

Today we are joined by Mark Polatkesen - the Founder and Managing Director of Mortgage Domayne. Mark is one of Australia’s leading finance brokers and has settled over 1.5 billion dollars in loans during his career so far. In this episode, you’ll learn about all-things finance when it comes to new home construction. We cover a range of topics around finance brokers vs going direct to banks, interest rates, inflation, what affects borrowing capacity and ultimately find out whether Mark thinks now is a good time to buy including his top 3 tips to finish off the episode.

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6:55 - Difference between a finance broker and going to a bank direct

9:25 - Difference between construction lender vs standard broker

13:45 - What are interest rates (cash rate vs home loan rate)?

17:10 - What can we expect with interest rates and inflation moving forward?

19:35 - What impact dollar-wise have the rates had on borrowing capacity?

20:20 - What are the concerns being raised by clients now?

23:10 - What affects borrowing capacity?

25:40 - To buy or not to buy? - Mark’s view and strategy

27:15 - Do I build new or do I buy established? And why?

29:55 - Are valuations an issue at the moment? …and what can affect them?

32:30 - Government grants, incentives and schemes explained

36:20 - Guarantor lending explained

40:35 - Top 3 tips from Mark from new home buyers