Episode 3: With Porter Davis down, should you be building right now?

17th April 2023 | 54m 04s

We discuss and acknowledge Porter Davis heading into liquidation, but with respect to those involved, our focus shifts to providing valuable insights to those who are considering buying right now. We give you a genuine insight into how builders’ pricing really works, explaining how the last 2 years has impacted builders… and ultimately clients, trades and suppliers as well. We explain the cause and effect of material shortages, delays and price increases and we also share some genuine reasons as to why you could consider purchasing now rather than waiting.

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For Porter Davis customers

Access info on the VMIA website: https://www.vmia.vic.gov.au/

Grant Thornton (liquidators) website: https://www.grantthornton.com.au/

State Revenue Office website: https://www.sro.vic.gov.au/buying-property/

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5:30 - Porter Davis

19:55 - How does builder pricing really work? And how has the last 2 years changed that?

30:50 - Things are looking better and here’s why

34:20 - Interest rates and inflation

35:55 - Is now a good time to buy a home?

39:00 - Accessible living and energy rating changes are coming in 2023 that will impact the price of building

42:00 - Land opportunities in the current market

44:40 - Are we getting to the bottom of the market?

47:05 - Is it a buyers market or sellers market and should you be buying right now?

49:15 - Look for good value, not the cheapest price.