Episode 23: Insights from Rory Costelloe - Founder of Villawood Properties

4th September 2023 | 48m 19s | Guest(s): Rory Costelloe

Join us as we dive deep into the world of land development and sustainable living with Rory Costelloe, the Founder of Villawood Properties. Hear directly from one of the industry’s pioneers, as he shares the process of buying a block of land along with outlining some of the enticing features within Villawood Estates. He also discusses the current market, interest rates and shares Villawood’s approach to environmental sustainability and the future of the land market. Finally, we finish by learning some of the essential factors for home buyers to consider when choosing a new estate… and Rory also explains their great initiative around the Care Workers Discount as well.

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3:27 - Meet Rory - the Founder of Villawood Properties

7:14 - What’s the process for someone to buy a block of land?

10:30 - How do Villawood develop their estates to appease and address smaller lot sizes?

11:30 - Outline some of the appealing features found in Villawood Estates?

16:29 - How does Rory see the market (and interest rates) now and into next year?

22:22 - How does the industry need to address environmental and sustainability factors moving forward?

29:49 - What does the future of the land market look like moving forward?

34:27 - What are the key factors that Home Buyers should look for in a new estate?

39:28 - Introducing the Care Workers Discount

To learn more about Villawood Properties, visit https://villawoodproperties.com.au/