Episode 22: Your Ultimate Property Insights Resource: A 5000+ Member Facebook Group

28th August 2023 | 32m 15s

If you’re looking for property insights and data to better educate yourself whether you’re buying established or new, this Facebook Group is for you. Join us as we introduce Atul Jhamb, the creator of the “Property Insights” group that has reached over 5000 members in less than 1 year. In the episode you will learn about the key topics and insights you can obtain from the group, what differentiates it from other groups and also a great insight from Atul himself regarding the current market as well.

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1:45 - Welcome to Atul, the creator of facebook group “Property Insights”

3:33 - Atul’s history in property

4:39 - How did the Property Insights group come about?

8:40 - How is this group different from other Facebook groups?

11:35 - The two areas that really stand out in this group

12:06 - What are some of the key topics, data insights and value you provide in the group?

14:40 - What sort of buyer types are best suited for this group?

17:12 - How does this group mitigate negativity and conflict?

20:11 - Where does Atul see the current market right now?

25:00 - What advice would you give to a First Home Buyer or Investor right now?

26:20 - What is in store for the Property Insights Group moving forward?

27:05 - How can someone join the Property Insights Group on Facebook?

Join Atul’s Property Insights Group here > https://www.facebook.com/groups/630363981548078