Episode 25: Market update with Will Anderson from RPM

18th September 2023 | 50m 35s | Guest(s): William Anderson

Join us as we welcome Will Anderson from RPM Real Estate to discuss the current property market. Discover RPM's role and influence in the industry, and gain insights into immigration, purchasing trends and the current state of the market. Will also shares his insights and views on the current barriers to entry from borrowing capacity through to builder confidence.

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3:10 - Welcome to Will Anderson from RPM Real Estate

3:55 - Where are property values doing in the current market?

6:43 - Who is RPM Real Estate and what do they do?

8:35 - An insight into immigration numbers and the purchasing trends

13:30 - Population growth over the next decade

15:10 - Is remote employment still increasing demand in regional areas?

19:00 - The Government’s 70 / 30 plan to move to inner areas

22:07 - A bit about borrowing capacity

25:02 - Talk to your finance broker and see what they can do to help

26:05 - Will the prices come back down again for new house and land buyers?

29:53 - Builder confidence is a key barrier. Has it improved?

36:30 - Have the timeframes for building improved?

37:35 - Does Will think we’re at the bottom of the market right now?

42:05 - For those not ready to buy today, how does the future of land look?

46:18 - Are there more titled blocks available today?

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