Episode 26: Understanding block sizes, types and setbacks

25th September 2023 | 42m 54s

Join us as we dive into greenfield land estates and common lot types. Discover the distinctions between different lot types, sizes and even the different codes applying to blocks based on their overall size as well. We cover the meaning of site coverage and also give you valuable insights into setbacks, private open space and the impact of estate requirements.

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2:57 - Different lot types in general

4:25 - Common lot types in greenfield land estates

6:25 - Regular lots and their common sizes

8:50 - Small Lot Housing code (under 300sqm) vs Recode (over 300sqm)

14:20 - What does Memorandum of Common Provisions (MCP) mean?

20:40 - What does site coverage mean?

22:55 - Small Lot Housing code explained

29:00 - Setbacks and private open space explained

32:17 - The impact of estate requirements on setbacks

39:12 - Beware: Regulations are changing in 2024