Episode 28: Investors - Top tips for building your investment property

9th October 2023 | 26m 53s

Investors, join us we guide you through some valuable tips and insights when it comes to building an investment property. We touch on each step in the journey, having the right goal and mindset, choosing the right level of upgrades, narrowing down the best areas, the benefits of full turnkey homes and much much more.

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2:47 - Importance of talking to your broker

4:18 - Understanding your end goal

7:22 - Right mindset for an investor

8:03 - Impact of being emotionally invested

9:27 - Spending on unnecessary upgrades

11:29 - Best long term investment

12:16 - Narrowing the locations and areas

16:55 - Making logical decisions

17:10 - Knowing your numbers

21:34 - Advantage of Full turnkey homes

23:15 - Stick with the color boards

23:39 - Do not pick the cheapest builder