Episode 27: First Home Buyers - Top tips for building your first home

2nd October 2023 | 38m 31s

This episode is for First Home Buyers. We begin with essential finance tips and a rundown of the current government grants available. Then, we explain how to balance location with budget, and also touch on builder discussions, deposit amounts, your needs vs wants list and much more. Don't miss out on this invaluable advice for a successful first home build!

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2:45 - Let’s start with finance

7:26 - Government Grants

13:54 - Choosing the right location whilst considering budget

18:35 - Visit displays, speak to builder consultants and ask lots of questions

21:41 - Find out the deposit amounts required

23:35 - Prepare a needs vs wants list

24:30 - Treat it like an investment

25:26 - Don’t ask “How much is it as displayed?” - ask this instead.

28:26 - Take some action

30:25 - Do NOT buy from the cheapest builder. You will pay for it later.

33:29 - Get yourself a conveyancer and add this clause into your contract

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