Episode 41: Why are site costs different between builders?

4th March 2024 | 23m 48s

In this episode we explain to you why site costs are so confusing and why they may vary from builder to builder. We explain the inclusions and exclusions, how builders price site costs and also help you understand the role an engineer plays in the process too. A short episode, but a valuable one so be sure to listen in.

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2:30 - Why do site costs vary between builders?

5:25 - You don’t need to be a site cost expert, but understand this…

8:57 - What are retaining walls and why you need to consider them

10:45 - Let the builder’s consultant explain the different items and variables

11:52 - An engineer designs your slab and its requirements, not the builder.

14:27 - How do builders fix site costs upfront?

17:17 - The builder sets their own parameters upfront, and those parameters vary from builder to builder.

20:55 - It is the builder that will give you site costs, don’t listen to anyone else’s “guess”.