Episode 40: Home loan expert says buy now - here’s why

26th February 2024 | 45m 33s | Guest(s): Steve Matsoukas

We’ve got a home loan expert onboard to help you understand all things finance. Everything from brokers vs banks, the best ways to achieve your saving goals and government incentives explained… right through to the ultimate question - what do interest rates look like over the coming months and ultimately is now the time to buy? Don’t miss this episode as it is jam-packed with great insights.

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1:47 - Introducing our expert guest - Steve Matsoukas

3:16 - Steve’s background and Loan Gallery introduction

4:20 - What are the benefits of using a broker over a bank?

6:00 - Using a broker will save you money and cost you nothing - here’s why

11:00 - How can people best prepare themselves for savings and getting a loan?

15:55 - Start the discussion early with a broker and work with them to achieve your savings goals.

17:33 - Here’s how untitled land can get your foot in the door whilst still saving for the house.

20:35 - Get yourself a team - broker, sales consultant, land agent and conveyancer.

21:13 - Titled land vs untitled land… and the risks associated.

22:40 - The Home Guarantee Scheme is a great opportunity, but not many people know about it.

27:30 - How to qualify for Government incentives.

30:27 - What do interest rates look like over the coming months? … and ultimately is now the time to buy?

35:54 - Despite the media imposing fear, mortgage defaults have barely changed

37:45 - Stop listening to the family BBQ “expert”... take action now as new home regulations will be much more expensive than any interest rate changes.

41:02 - Understand your assessment rate, not the interest rate.

43:55 - Google: Loan Gallery and talk to their brokers now!