Episode 5: Top tips when visiting display homes

1st May 2023 | 35m 08s

We reveal some insider insights and share our top tips to help you navigate your way through display villages (and initial builder discussions) more effectively. We cover a range of topics such as the real purpose behind display homes, what questions to ask, when to stop looking at display homes and start talking to builders… and we even share an alternative model to display homes worth considering as well.

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2:36 - What is the real purpose of a display home?

3:55 - Should you leave your details with a Sales Consultant?

6:00 - Here’s an alternative option to visiting a display home

9:17 - How and why do builders present different ranges in display villages?

13:35 - When should you stop looking at displays and start talking to a builder?

14:25 - Should you under-quote your budget to get a better deal?

16:00 - Essential information you should be providing to a sales consultant

18:18 - What are the benefits of viewing real homes instead of upgraded display homes?

20:12 - Why should you have a sales consultant walk you through a home?

21:51 - A couple of our funniest display home experiences

24:36 - Top tips for you when going to display homes and speaking with builders

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