Episode 4: Here's why pricing will go up & designs will change in 2023

24th April 2023 | 39m 08s

Today we talk about the main regulation changes related to energy rating and livable housing, proposed to be coming in 2023 (well, at the time of recording this). Using the information that is available to date, we explain the reasons for the changes, the benefits of the changes, and most notably the significant price impact and design impact that these changes will have on buyers after the regulations are implemented.

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6:50 - Energy rating changes introduced and summarised

9:50 - Pricing impact of moving from 6-star to 7-star energy rating

16:00 - Livable Housing introduced and summarised

20:25 - How will these changes impact floorplan designs?

24:05 - When are these changes proposed to come into effect?

29:25 - Top 4 questions to ask yourself to determine if you should build now or later.

32:19 - Tips for buyers considering building before the regulations come into play