Episode 55: Maximise your claims from your investment property.

10th June 2024 | 29m 15s | Guest(s): Theo Mavratzakis

Investors, 70% of you are missing out on these savings. Join us as we welcome the very excited Theo Mavratzakis from Tax Depreciation Australia who explains all things tax depreciation - what it is, how it works, how much it costs, how much it can save you and the list goes on. Don’t miss this episode.

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2:22 - What is a quantity surveyor and what do they do?

3:53 - What is tax depreciation and how does it save you money?

5:58 - How do you determine the value of items?

7:25 - Can an accountant do a depreciation report?

8:35 - Tax depreciation explained

11:56 - How long do tax depreciation reports last?

13:00 - How long does it take to get a report? And can they be backdated?

15:05 - How old does the property need to be to get a report?

17:50 - What is scrapping? (Do NOT knock-down a house BEFORE doing this)

21:45 - It is not just new builds, Theo can help with older properties and commercial properties too

24:25 - How much does a Tax Depreciation Report cost?

To contact Tax Depreciation Australia, call 1300417317 or go to http://www.tdaqs.com.au/

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