Episode 56: Insurance premiums are going up... is it all doom and gloom though?

17th June 2024 | 20m 10s

Insurance premiums are going up, but it is not all doom and gloom like the media reports. Join us as we reveal the increase amount and put it into perspective for you. We also share an emotional plea to the media to stop scaring people and offending those of us who have worked so hard to get some confidence back into our industry these past 2 years.

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1:20 - Insurance increase announcement

3:20 - The media are trying to scare you - again!

4:42 - The increase is a protective measure, not an indication of industry stability

5:34 - Let’s put this into perspective - we’re talking about $2000-$2500

8:35 - Why is there an insurance increase being applied?

10:45 - Why am I offended by the media calling this another hit to the industry?

15:34 - If you are a current customer without insurance, please understand that this increase will apply to you.

17:45 - We’ve finally got something positive to talk about, so let's focus on that too.

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