Episode 58: Top 10 tips for building interstate

1st July 2024 | 18m 18s

In this episode we share the top 10 tips for building a new home interstate. We cover essential topics such as conducting thorough research, visiting the area, understanding local infrastructure, ensuring legal compliance, and more. Whether you're considering a move or an investment, this episode provides valuable insights to help you navigate the complexities of building in a new state.

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3:10 - Do your research

4:19 - Visit the area

5:54 - Current and future infrastructure: Schools, trains, parks, shopping centres, etc

6:57 - Have your legals covered by someone who knows the area

8:43 - Complete your due diligence about the builder

10:36 - Get a building inspector

12:02 - Find a good rental agent.

12:40 - Understand the legal and tax implications. Stamp duty, Land tax, etc

13:23 - Be careful in areas that are showing crazy growth.

14:57 - Make sure you have a good broker who understands the local implications for a loan.

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