Episode 57: Is it safe to build right now?

24th June 2024 | 37m 23s

In this episode, we explore the current state of the building industry. We begin by recapping what the industry has been through, then we move to how it sits today - discussing consumer confidence and current build time frames amongst other topics. And to finish off, we provide the top 3 positives boosting the industry and the top 3 challenges that still linger.

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1:29 - Is consumer confidence on the rise?

4:05 - What has the building industry been through these past few years?

12:39 - How has the industry responded post July 2023?

13:24 - What are the build timeframes today?

24:03 - Top 3 positives in the industry right now

26:48 - Top 3 challenges still around

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