Episode 14: Common Building Quote Terms Explained

3rd July 2023 | 23m 31s

In this episode, we explain some of the most commonly used terms used by builders, particularly the ones found in building quotes. This will empower you to gain the knowledge you need to navigate this crucial step with confidence and make an informed decision about your new home builder.

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Download this document for a summary of our discussion


2:10 Squares and square metres

2:49 Full Turnkey

3:10 Facade

3:54 Base price

4:40 Site costs

5:32 Fill and fall

6:12 Piering

7:29 Retaining walls

8:07 Soil classification

9:28 Estate covenants/requirements/guidelines

10:08 Building surveyor

11:30 Building inspector (private building consultant)

14:35 Price protection period

15:27 Contingency

19:48 Wall-on-boundary or zero lot line

21:42 Orientation