Episode 15: Common Terms Found In Drawings & Plans

10th July 2023 | 17m 12s

Join us as we provide short and sharp definitions of 27 terms and acronyms used on detailed drawings and plans. This episode will help you review and understand a set of detailed drawings presented to you by your builder, ultimately assisting you with the final decision on your home design and the relevant inclusions and upgrades required as well.

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Additional Resource

Download this document for a summary of our discussion


1:55 “MM” Measurements on plans

2:24 Elevations

3:23: Eaves

4:30 Awning window

5:20 WIP

5:37 REF

6:06 MW

6:28 DW

6:52 WM

7:21 DR

7:51 CSD or SD

8:22 WIR

8:54 WIL

9:09 WC

9:24 ENS

9:45 LIN

10:09 BRM

10:38 RA

11:29 Bulkhead

12:24 HWS or HWU

12:46 GM

12:54 MB

13:30 DP

13:49 OBS

14:24 Niche

14:59 GPO

15:18 Sewer stack