Episode 16: Site Costs Explained

17th July 2023 | 56m 55s

Site costs are one of the most confusing and complex components in new home construction. In this episode we explain what site costs are, how they work, what they are made up of and ultimately help you understand why they vary between every block of land. We begin the episode with a short and sharp summary for those that want only the basics, and then we move into the more detailed explanation for those of you wanting to learn a bit more.

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4:05 - Short, sharp, simple explanation of the 3 basics of site costs

5:45 - What is fall?

7:04 - What is fill?

8:27 - What is soil classification?

10:10 - Why builders are taking a risk when providing site costs

11:40 - How are site costs determined by a builder upfront?

16:16 - What are fixed site costs vs a site cost allowance? And what is excluded?

23:30 - What is a soil and survey test? …and who does this and what’s the benefit?

27:27 - What is an easement? …and what other items can impact site costs?

32:00 - Slab types and soil classifications explained.

38:16 - Retaining walls explained

42:47 - Slab types continued

45:40 - Drainage requirements explained

49:30 - Top tips for those looking at site costs

Download this helpful document about how to maintain your foundation to prevent damage to your home. This document was originally published by the Victorian Building Authority.