Episode 17: What are Estate Covenants and Guidelines?

24th July 2023 | 27m 19s

In this episode we dive into design guidelines, otherwise known as estate requirements or covenants. We help you understand what design guidelines are, provide some examples for you and also outline the reason for design guidelines along with a few tips at the end.

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2:40 - What are estate covenants / guidelines?

3:45 - Where can you find estate guidelines?

5:40 - What is the point of design guidelines?

8:04 - What are some of the common estate guidelines and requirements?

14:35 - Who oversees the implementation of design guidelines?

16:59 - Are design guidelines a good thing or a bad thing?

21:37 - Two additional documents that are very important areā€¦

21:56 - What is a Plan of Subdivision (POS)?

22:43 - What is a Memorandum of Common Provisions (MCP)?

23:40 - Our top tips with estate requirements