Episode 18: Amazing Insights from Walt Collins - Host of Channel 10's Buy to Build

31st July 2023 | 50m 40s | Guest(s): Walt Collins

Today we welcome special guest Walt Collins, the host of Channel 10’s Buy to Build. Listen in as Walt shares the latest home buying trends along with identifying the most popular features of display homes. Walt also provides his insight into the current state of the building industry and finishes by providing his top tips for new home (and land) buyers.

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2:20 - Walt Collins introduction

3:00 - Walt started his TV career illegally - with his mum’s wok.

8:05 - How did Walt start hosting TV shows about new homes and building?

11:10 - How does Channel 10’s Buy to Build help homebuyers?

15:50 - What are the differences between display homes state by state?

19:14 - What are some of the trends people should look out for (and avoid)?

23:25 - Walt’s strategy for where you should buy land

25:44 - What are the most popular features of display homes currently?

28:00 - Top tips for buyers when looking through display homes

35:00 - How does Walt view the building industry right now?

39:38 - How has On Demand and streaming educated new home buyers?

41:50 - What trends are you seeing from viewers?

45:25 - Walt’s top tips for new home (and land) buyers

48:04 - Where to watch Channel 10’s Buy to Build and a sneak peek into what’s coming up

Watch Channel 10’s Buy to Build here > https://www.buytobuild.com.au/