Episode 19: Discussion with Qi Chen - The founder of Openlot.com.au

7th August 2023 | 39m 00s | Guest(s): Qi Chen

One of the hardest things to do is find the right estate and the right block of land… however in recent years there’s been a fantastic resource that has become available called Openlot.com.au In this episode, we meet the founder of Openlot.com.au - Qi Chen - and we discuss the main features of his website and how it will help you in your new home journey.

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2:11 - History on Qi - and the inspiration for starting OpenLot

3:20 - Qi can you elaborate on your experience as a new home buyer?

11:49 - What is the main function of OpenLot and how does it help home buyers?

16:00 - The top 2 features that benefit home buyers on OpenLot.com.au

23:00 - Some key insights from OpenLot.com.au’s Buyer Demand Index - eg timeframe to purchase

26:25 - Is buyer confidence improving?

33:15 - Colin and Darren’s favourite features of OpenLot.com.au

36:40 - House + Land Expo coming back in 2024