Episode 20: Secret insight into builder promotions

14th August 2023 | 31m 08s

Builder promotions are confusing, so in this episode we give you some insider insights into how promotions really work from builder to builder. You will learn about the positioning and the types of promotions and how they are ultimately designed to get you to enquire.

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3:05 - Introduction to builder promotions

4:30 - Let’s start with car brands… price point vs value-for-money vs premium

7:00 - How does Metricon target the brand or promotion categories in the car example?

9:06 - Promotions are not just targeting buyer type, but also aiming to appeal to your preferred sales process as well.

11:10 - Don’t make the mistake of buying the promotion only

12:35 - Builder promotion examples using price point vs value-for-money vs premium

12:58 - Price-pointed promotions explained

15:07 - Value-for-money promotions explained

17:05 - Premium promotions explained

20:15 - Promotions may get your attention, but your consultant will ultimately find you the best outcome.

22:09 - Promotions are designed to get your attention, but that doesn’t make them misleading.

23:56 - Can you get a better deal on top of the promotion advertised?

26:40 - Should you wait for a better deal or promotion down the track?

29:06 - Can you get a better deal from a different Consultant working for the same builder?