Episode 21: The impact of design and structural changes - are they worth it?

21st August 2023 | 38m 20s

In this episode we discuss the impact of making design or structural changes to your floorplan. Join us as we explain why different builders have different levels of allowable changes, what some of the more acceptable (or safer) changes are vs some of the more risky ones, and we finish off with our advice to you when considering or discussing structural changes with your builder.

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2:18 - What do we mean by structural changes?

3:41 - What do builders actually allow and (or not allow) when it comes to structural changes?

12:36 - The biggest mistake people make with structural changes

14:00 - What are some of the safer structural changes to make?

16:50 - Be careful of cost errors or items that are not accounted for with your structural change

18:55 - The benefits of not making any structural changes

21:04 - Ask about the process your builder has in place to deal with structural changes to avoid errors and surprises

21:48 - Honest feedback on why structural changes can be a bad thing

28:28 - What are some of the more popular structural changes usually allowed?

32:35 - Our top tips and advice for homebuyers when it comes to structural changes