Episode 39: There’s rubbish on your site, so who’s responsible for it?

19th February 2024 | 21m 04s

There’s rubbish on your site pre-construction, so who is responsible for clearing it? In this episode we help you understand who is responsible for clearing a site, what is actually considered “clear” and at what point the builder takes over the responsibility of your site. Also, stick around until the end to hear a nice little giveaway for our listeners.

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5:00 - Who is responsible for clearing a site pre-construction?

6:55 - How clear is clear? Understanding contamination.

9:22 - At what point do I know my builder has “accepted” and taken over my site?

10:35 - Will the Builder’s insurance cover rubbish on site?

11:20 - Tip 1: Check your block regularly and address items right away if you see them

12:35 - TIP 2: Arrange temporary fencing yourself using the same company as your builder

14:17 - TIP 3: Don’t pick the cheapest site clean or you may be paying for them to come back again

16:45 - TIP 4: Ask the builder if they have a preferred site cleaning company

19:33 - Special giveaway for our listeners